So ends another tour.  Thanks to everyone who booked us, housed us, fed us, clothed us, gave us a towel, gave us directions, came out to shows, came out to multiple shows, gave us drinks, bought our merch, and said they liked us.  Thanks to our boys in Houseguests for being unbelievable tourmates and for putting up with us over this entire stretch.  I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to make this life, but it wouldn’t make sense without all of the support we get.  Thanks, all!


Hello from Virginia Beach, VA!  The last few days down south were incredible.  I/We had never performed as far south as North Carolina, so it was super cool to make the trip down there.  I got to see some college and hometown friends and spend a couple afternoons poolside.  Sad to be leaving but stoked for the next two shows.  Exton, PA for a solo set and then the full band is back together for the last show of tour in New Brunswick, NJ.


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Hello all!  Our tourmates in Houseguests are doing a tour diary, so I need to keep up with them.  Also I like doing these things.  The last four days have been truly rewarding and way too much fun.  We started in our beloved NYC on Thursday 6/4 and made our way to Montclair, West Chester, and Philadelphia.  Highlights included a tremdendous evening in Brooklyn with so many of our friends, a brief tour of the University of Pennsylvania, sleeping in an empty frat house, and performing in a record store for the first time.  The next four southern shows are solo acoustic, and we make our way to Virginia today.  Thanks for the support, friends.

6/8  Blacksburg, VA
6/9  Norfolk, VA
6/10  Carrboro, NC

6/11  Virginia Beach, VA

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Hello all!

This has been an incredible month.  We played four shows which included a weekend tour in mid-April.  Some of my former students even surprised me at one of our shows which made for a super memorable experience.  We feel very lucky to continue playing out for all of you.

Speaking of playing out, we’ll be on the road again in June for a stretch of ten shows (mix of solo and full band) with our friends from Boston, Houseguests!  Really excited to hit the road with these dudes.  All information is below.  Let us know if you’re coming to a show!  Thanks, as always.

With love,


6/4  Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY
6/5  The Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ
6/6  Fennario, West Chester, PA
6/7  Creep Records, Philadelphia, PA
6/8  Robin Williams Center for the Arts, Blacksburg, VA
6/9  Borjo Coffeehouse, Norfolk, VA (solo)
6/10  The Station, Carrboro, NC (solo)
6/11  Retro Cafe, Virginia Beach, VA (solo)
6/12  Doc Watson’s, Exton, PA
6/13  The Pussy Pad, New Brunswick, NJ

Hello!  This past week and a half has included some of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  I feel so lucky that I’m able to do what I do, and I’m overwhelmed by it every single day.

Tour started out in NYC and then we made our way to Philly, State College, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Ohio, PA, and NJ.  Venues included bars, basements, attics, gardening stores, and kitchens, and we met some of the coolest people on the road.

Thanks to all for the incredible support.  Below you’ll find our recently released acoustic EP which can be found on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.  Thanks, as always, for the support and stay healthy!


Yo! Been a minute since I posted something. We’ve been in the midst of a major transition the last few weeks, as we have been working hard to bring in our new drummer, Derek Swink. Derek is originally from Michigan and has lived in LA for the last couple of years, teaching and playing drums. We’re EXTREMELY excited to have him on, and know that it will be a great fit.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been making a bunch of weekend trips to various cities, most recently to DC and Boston. In DC, I had the incredible opportunity to open up for Andy Suzuki and the Method. Friends came out and it was a blast. We’ve got a bunch of stuff lined up, including an acoustic EP, more shows, and a solo tour announcement. PEACE!


12/5 Postcrypt Coffee House (Columbia), New York, NY (solo)
12/7 Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ (solo)
12/12 The Nest (house), Philadelphia, PA (FULL BAND)
12/13 Electric Maid, Washington, DC (solo)
12/14 Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE (solo)

We are proud to present you with our third official music video!  “Willis Ave” was directed by the very talented Jon Leyton.  Thanks much to my parents for letting us take over their house for an entire Sunday.  Enjoy!  -Connor


When I started this project in the summer of 2011, I really just wanted to make music with good friends. Three years later, after various personnel changes, multiple full band and solo tours, and much headache and reward, we’ve released our second full-length record. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this record and to our unbelievably loyal and solid support group which grows by the day. Here’s GIRLS, the latest LP from Dizzy Bats.
Bandcamp (pay what you want!)